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“Her throne awaits . . . if she can live long enough to take it.” Even before opening this book its readers are duped into believing that The Queen of the Tearling will be a faced paced, action-adventure with a... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Princess in the Opal Mask

"Orphaned as a child in the crumbling village of Tulan, Elara is determined to learn her true identity, even if it means wielding a dagger. Meanwhile, in Galandria's royal capital, Princess Wilha stands out as someone to either worship or... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Written In Red by Anne Bishop

The story follows blood prophet, Meg Corbyn, who has the ability to see prophecies when her skin is cut, making her valuable to those who would use and manipulate her for power and financial gain. She escapes a facility and... Continue Reading →

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