Since I was a child I have always loved fantasy. I adored The Lord of The Rings. I devoured Harry Potter. I used to daydream and insert myself into the stories for hours. I used to think this was a normal thing to do. But, one day I thought about my childish playtime and wondered why I had to daydream and imagine myself into a story. Why wasn’t there someone like me in any of my favourite books, movies or television shows?

The answer to that question is lack of representation. There are barely any females mentioned let alone active characters in LOTR. Why were some people allowed to have adventures, be special and save the world and I was not. I actually felt quite depressed about this for a long time, alomost losing my love for the thing that inspired me when I was growing up.

But then I decided to read a little differently. If there was something I disliked, I should say it. We dislike things for a reason and its important for us to acknowledge when something is potentially problematic or offensive. Why are women in fantasy written the way they are?  Why are people of colour always the bad guys? Why are LGBTQ characters the most likely to dies first?

I started this blog as a place to post all my ramblings and analysis of the books I read. No one has to agree with me. No one has to applaud me. This is just a space where I can write about what I liked or disliked, my hopes and let downs as well as the direction I hope we can move  in.

I aptly named this blog The Fantasy Feminist because I love fantasy and I’m a feminist.

I understand that both words mean different things to different people, but to me it means limitless possibilities for all.