The story follows Maddox Black who had recently returned to her home after a lengthy time at sea to claim her birth right, her father’s journals. She quickly discovers that she isn’t the only one after them and she is taken on an adventure with friends and foes to clear the mists preventing the town from fishing and trading, keeping them under the thumb of a tyrannical Earl.
The worldbuilding is subtle. We find out more about the world through the action rather than been loaded with backstory and history that is easy to skim over. The fantasy elements are seamlessly incorporated into the text so it doesn’t slow down the action.
Maddox is strong female character who takes control of her destiny and is smart about her choices. She doesn’t underestimate her enemy or anyone who is stood in front of her which helps her get one step closer to her father’s journals and allows her to make good friendships and alliances.
There are lots of interesting fantastical elements like the Hunters and the Grim. Wulfrik was one of my favourite characters. He was complex, dark, dangerous and endearing all at the same time.
There was a compelling affinity with the sea and sailing. Maddox’s relationship and love of the sea was one of my favourite things about this book. I liked how the author made her proud of her tough profession and her desire follow in her father’s footsteps as well as helping the people in her town.
I didn’t like one plot point which was that Davey wanted to marry Maddox because it was like her refusal was just another change for her to prove how independent she was and I don’t think it was necessarily needed because her actions made it quite clear already.
Overall I thought it was an engaging and explosive start to a series. I definitely will be looking out for book two to join Maddox and Wulfrik on their journey to the Bone Isles.