This historical crime novel is set in Ireland, taking place in the early years of the twentieth century. The plot centres around a heist involving the Irish Crown Jewels which remains unsolved. What really binds this book is the attention to detail. You really get a great image of the setting and the narrative makes twentieth century Ireland jump off the page. The characters are all written in the dialect which stays true to their roots.
The narrative is so well put together, you feel as a reader that the events being told have been thoroughly researched. The way the Irish position within the British Empire is related shows how passionate the author is about the subject and the addition of illustrations adds a visual aid to knit the story together.

The cast of characters where diverse in their personalities. The characterisation was impeccable and it really felt like all of the characters were realistic and believable. For me personally I liked Seamus and Daisy; especially Daisy as I felt she was and admirable and strong. It isn’t by far a quick read, but it does not lessen the entertainment factor. The plot was intricately put together and like all good historical fiction novels it doesn’t just provide an entertaining story, but it educates you about the particular point in history. There is so much information about twentieth century Ireland that this books engagingly gets across blended within the jewel mystery.

If you love historical fiction, you will certainly enjoy this knowledgeable jewel. Also, if you are interested in learning more about the time period, want to read about interesting and relatable characters, you will equally find amusement with this book.

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