Gods Behaving Badly follows Cate a fallen goddess living in the mortal world who lost her soul to Hades. We see how she deals with the human world, juggling her anger issues and her clingy ex Ares who shows up at the most inconvenient times.

The way mythology and modern day reality merges seamlessly together is one of the highlights of this book. The characterisation of the gods is both amusing and conceivable.  Each god has mundane roles that matched their characteristics and traits, for example Bacchus the god of wine and intoxication runs a nightclub. It was an entertaining play on mythology and shows how despite the short length, a lot of research went into the characters and the plot.

Cate’s (Hecate) character is strong yet flawed making her relatable in an improbable setting. Also despite being a goddess she reads very human which reflects the growth her character has made by living among humans. It’s easy to empathise with her conflict and why she has such a complicated relationship with Ares. Her dislike for humans and their socially demanded small talk was a highlight for me.

It’s a fun stimulating read which makes mythology accessible to readers with little or no prior knowledge of mythology. Although its short, its sweet, fast paced and leaves you wanting the next instalment.